Control by M.C. Lavocat

Genre Paranormal Romance Published March 2013 Publisher Self-Published Series The Soul of Voodoo book one

Control Book cover (2)After spending three stale, miserable years in a neuroscience doctoral program, Cecelia Milonas throws caution to the wind and walks out; right into the arms of the man who has had the starring role in her panty-melting fantasies for over three years.

Andre St. Clair had never shown any romantic interest in Cecelia or anyone else, so she had resigned herself to the role of fangirl and very willing employee, since moving to New Orleans and into the apartment above his restaurant. Cecelia thinks that their relationship is a fantasy come true, but neither are prepared for a desire that burns hot enough to ignite a hatred, long thought dead.

As if one gorgeous man and deathly struggle aren’t enough, in walks Lance Bradley, with whom she has some kind of freaky-deaky, psychic-hotline connection that is determined to pull them together no matter who gets torn apart in the process.

So, nothing is easy in The Big Easy, where the past and the present are caught up in a struggle so dangerous and deadly that it’s changing destiny, and possibly time itself

The Urban Book Thief Review

urban book thief

This contemporary romance has me running in circles like a wild dog chasing it’s tail. Do I like it? Don’t I like it? I just don’t know… conundrum.

You see, the writer is awesome, the story is slow moving but well written, and yet I found the characters so incredibly hard to like I wanted to round ’em up like a cowboy and give them all a good spanking. Even the token gay character.

The strange thing is… this book entertained me and I want to read the next one to find out what happens next.



Cecelia is snark personified. She’s aggressive, smart and not above using her femininely wiles to get what she wants. She also seems to think that she has magical tatas (go figure…). Cecelia is also selfish, a pain in the ass and has some interesting double-standards when it comes to romancing the men in her life. But on the other hand, she can be sweet, affectionate, hilariously funny and an altogether cool chick-a-dee to be around.

You see my quandary?

The story is set in b-oo-tiful New Orleans. It was nice for once to read a book based in this famed paranormal dwelling and feel like you were actually there. So many top-selling paranormal book series are set here, yet from the limp descriptions you’re given could in fact be anywhere in the entire world. But this one -ooh mama. This was New Orleans. Kudos, bags and bags of it Ms. Lavocat.



Cecelia is a hottie with a brain. Studying neuroscience, she has become pretty disenchanted with her career and colleagues so decides to kinda drop out. Luckily for her, she has a restaurant supervisor job waiting in the wings courtesy of her landlord and boss, the panty melter himself Andre St. Clair. He’s super cajun, super hot and has the power to turn the insides of a woman to mush in under three seconds flat. Sigh!

Andre is the son and heir of a super prominent New Orleans family. They’re old money and own the most exclusive eatery in the city. That didn’t stop Andre from setting up one of his very own though and being successful in his own right. He’s focused, organised, dons a suit everyday and even though he has buns so tight you can bounce a penny off – he doesn’t have time for women. Until that is, Cecelia embarrassingly admits her own crazy attraction for him. Their relationship starts off fab-u-lously, but there’s something off about their behaviour. they’re just a little too crazy for each other. Dangerously crazy.



So Ms Milonas has a fine new boyfriend and a fine new job. Now my mum brought me up to believe that good (and bad) things come in threes. So (of course), it’s not all that long before Lance Mr McHunky pants turns up. Farm boy turned city, he’s not afraid of a little hard work, whether that be it building a fence or waiting for his crush Cecelia to get over Andre and hop on board the Lance Love Boat. They share a connection and that’s not just the one they feel in their pants. Whenever they’re near one another their bodies seem to hum a strange melody. Spooky huh!

And when I say spooky, I mean voodoo, and frankly – there just aren’t enough romance voodoo books out there on the market today. Just saying. Not that things got spooky until 85% of the way in. And boy, did it take a long time to get there. I feel a little apprehensive about calling this a paranormal book, because really… it’s not. But seeing as book 2 is coming our way fairly shortly, I imagine that things will heat up in this ole department.


The Urban Book Thief has awarded Control a kiss factor rating of four – fab-u-lous but more voodoo next time!


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Author Biography…or is it?

lavocatI have to admit that I hate writing a biography more than anything else in the entire world. That may seem a little dramatic, but just trust me…I hate them. My life on paper tells you next to nothing about who I am or what I might be like in person.

I am ridiculously silly and immature, yet obsessively organized and responsible. Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s pretty damn accurate. I suppose I could just list of life events and/or accomplishments…no, just no. Every time I read an author bio like that, I can’t help but think, “I wonder if she’s a bitch.” Eh, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather you read this and then think, “That chick is a little off.

I’ve written some really ridiculous author biographies before, in fact, I think I have three different ones posted on my website, but this one is going to be extra special! Without further delay, here it is for your viewing pleasure…my biography, as a haiku.

My Nature

Hurricane thinking

Floods my brain with silliness

I need a haircut


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