K.M. Moning release date announced for Burned

BURNED release date, Mac & Barrons and absolutely no pedophiles…


Hurrah! Ms. Moning has spoken! Famed author of kick-ass women the world over and swoon-ili-cious kilt wearing Scots. Sigh!

Sadly though, we won’t see the next book in the Fever series till April 2014. Even more, it looks as if there won’t be as many books across series arc as previously anticipated by many fans.


“Previously I told you there would be three books (ICED, BURNED and FLAYED) in the Dani series followed by two Mac & Barrons books. I may be combining the next four books (BURNED, FLAYED and the untitled M&B books) into two.”

Fingers crossed she will ‘do a JK’ and make each book massively bigger than the one before. One can only hope…

To read more about what the future holds for Burned and beyond, check out K.M. Moning’s Facebook page here.


6 thoughts on “K.M. Moning release date announced for Burned

  1. I hoped for the same thing when I read they’d be combined into fewer installments…”maybe they’ll just be really, really, really long,” lol. Still so excited for Burned!!!

  2. I haven’t read the Fever series, because I’m intimidated by the fact that I’ll be starting a new author and a series that everyone *raves* about…but I love the cover for this one so I might just buy it for coverlust alone 😀

    • Oh honey, don’t be nervous! The cover for this one kinda reminds me a bit of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s ones – so delicious! But I urge you to check out the Fever series if you have time to squeeze it in. I know what it’s like, cause I only starting reading them myself last year. Best decision ever!

  3. I only just started reading Fever seires. So far I only read the first book but I’m definitely on the hunt for the rest. I’m very much a rookie, no idea about any arcs or whatsoever! 🙂 The 2014 release date gives me plenty of time to catch up though! 🙂

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