urban book thiefWelcome!

Simply put –

I love books. I love words. I love reading words. I love finding more words to read. I love sharing those words with people.

I have always been a big romance reader. This started from the time I found my mum’s naughty Jilly Cooper novels at the back of the bookcase around the tender age of 13. Since then, my tastes have changed and I have dipped in and out of different genres, but I always come back to romance. Always.

I’m from the UK and have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. At the moment we are going into Autumn but the rest of the world is excited about Spring. I still find this a little strange and can feel really disorientated about it at times. In my late 20s, I have a varied background that includes Journalism, Marketing, Publishing and a hell of a lot of temp work. I have recently decided that I would like to become a youth/community services Librarian. So it’s time to get back to school…

I am currently in the process of putting together The Urban Book Thief, mainly as a pedestal for writing book reviews, yet also as a holy shrine to worship the book gods. My plan at the moment is to contribute something to the blog everyday (so no pressure then Sabrina…)

I love to read mainly urban fantasy, paranormal and fantasy books. Though, I will occasionally dip into historical and contemporary romance – only occasionally mind! And usually if they feature a tall, dark, kilt wearing stranger…

The plan is to start off fairly small and work my way up into offering things such as interviews, special features etc. Hopefully being as organic and painless as possible 😉

I love to hear from people. It’s the incredible sharing that goes on at Goodreads that has fed my addiction to the point that I needed to create this blog. So as I’m all about sharing and caring – please share too.




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck with your blog Sabrina. We are fairly new at this too. We are now ‘following’ you. I love a lot of the books you mention and there are not enough hours in the day to review them all and put on our blog, so it is good to read reviews from others. 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for your kind comments – just had a look at your blog and I have to say that I’m loving the header image. Wow mamma! I am on day four of playing in the blogosphere and so far everything is going darn well good 🙂 keep up the good work and i’ll make sure I definitely squeeze some time in to look at your reviews x

      • We sweated blood and tears to get to grips with the header image in photoshop – just one of the things I’ve had to learn since we started our blog! Your own theme is eye catching too and goes well with the blog’s name. I loved your first review, you have a great style. Will be back to look at your reviews now you are on my reader. Tina:)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the Like on my post – I think that was my 8th post… 😉 I’m a new book blogger too. Your site looks edgy and cool – perfect for urban fantasy/paranormal romance! My blog-building learning curve is so steep; I am thoroughly impressed with how much you’ve got going on here!

    • No worries! I really enjoyed your article – and your images – that particular adaptation of Jane Eyre is my absolute favourite! I usually watch it about once a month… Thanks for looking around my blog too. I’m a newbie, I have just entered my fifth week on wordpress and so far, so good. But now I am a fully employed member of society again i imagine things will slow down a wee bit! Looking forward to seeing great things from you x

  3. Will be following and looking forward to more from Urban Book Thief too! Tho’ I agree it’s harder to keep up with the blog when jobs get in the way…. 😉

  4. Hi Sabrina
    Caroline and myself at areadersreviewblog have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I know that it possibly means more work for you and a chance to reveal more about yourself, but we certainly enjoy reading your reviews and other random info of great interest that you post. You can find out more information about your nomination at the link below, if you chose to accept it:

    Tina 🙂

  5. I love your blog! I found several books here that I hadn’t read yet; I’m headed off to order them now. Keep up the good work!
    ~Margo Bond Collins
    Author of Waking Up Dead, forthcoming from Solstice Publishing in 2013
    and Legally Undead, Vampirarchy Series #1, forthcoming from World Weaver Press in 2014

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