Want to write a review?

Want to writeDesperately seeking book worms for noble enterprise

Do you like to read? Do you like to write?


Then  you’re hired!

Well… almost 🙂

If you are interested in any of the genres below then you are just the people I need to get things moving, especially if you like are a YA fan. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, all I can give you in return for your hard work is love and gratitude (not to mention your name up in shiny lights on the blog). But hopefully in the future that will change.

The Urban Book Thief reviews the following genres: Urban Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Dystopian / Apocalyptic World Romance, Science Fiction Romance and Supernatural Mystery Romance.

So if you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please send the following info:

  • A short review of a book from the above genres – don’t worry too much about the word count, nothing over 1,500 words though! It’s just so that I can see your style of writing
  • A few words about yourself – where you’re from, what you do etc.
  • How much of your time you would be willing to commit – would this be a one off or a regular gig
  • Whether you already review books for another site or have your own blog and want to be a guest reviewer

So, if you’d like to hop on board The Urban Book Thief bus then fill out your details below and paste your review into the comments box. I will be all over it like a fat kid with cake… hhhmmm cake. If you live in Australia, there could be cake involved.


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