Sneaky Peek at Nalini Singh’s next Guild Hunter book!

Archangel's LegionAngels are falling from the sky in New York, struck down by a vicious, unknown force.

Vampires are dying impossibly of disease.

Guild hunter Elena Deveraux and the Archangel Raphael must discover the source of the wave of death before it engulfs their city and their people, leaving New York a ruin and Raphael’s Tower under siege by enemy archangels.

Yet even as they fight desperately to save the city, an even darker force is stirring, its chill eyes trained on New York…and on Raphael. Rivers of crimson and nightmares given flesh, the world will never again be the same…

Save the date peoples – cause 29th October is going to be hawt day for Urban Fantasy lovers!

Not only do we now have a synopsis for Archangels Legion, the next book in the Guild Hunter series, but we have words too. Beautiful words. And these words make me supercalifragilisticexpialidocious happy.

So if you are a Nalini Singh fan or happen to have a thing for men with wings: But first, you have to be a member of her awesome monthly newsletter and you can sign up at

Is it just me or do Elena’s breasts get bigger with every book? I guess there must be something in the waters over there in dystopic America?!?


Shimmering white-gold over her vision as she lifted her eyes to the sky, an echo of that fateful day. “Hello, Archangel.”

Raphael folded away his wings, his eyes on the ducks. “Why do you find them so fascinating?”

“I don’t. I just like this spot.” Her own wings uncomfortably squashed against the seat built for humans and vampires, she rose to her feet. “Though I think you need to sponsor a new bench over there.” She pointed to a beautiful spot across the way; it’d be shaded by the delicate green leaves of a flowering cherry tree in summer, the soft pink blooms in spring. Right now, with winter’s kiss in the air, the tree was all bone, stark against the evergreens.

“It will be done,” Raphael said with a cool arrogance that made her want to drag him back to bed. “You realize you’re capable of sponsoring many such benches?”

That Archangel is just too smooth for words.


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