Review requests

If you are an author or publisher and would like The Urban Book Thief to review a book, please make sure that you read the below information to help you with your application. To send your request, please use the contact form here.

Review Policy

At The Urban Book Thief we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. Books will be accepted based on the personal taste of the reviewer. If your book is selected to be reviewed the rating will be based on their opinion and personal experience.

All requests will be answered by the site admin within a week of receiving them. Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee that all requests will be accepted.

If The Urban Book Thief has agreed to review your book, we can not guarantee what date the review is published online. If you feel that there are special circumstances which need to be adhered to – please contact us about this matter.

The Urban Book Thief will not reveal spoilers or major plot lines in our book reviews which would jeopardize the reading experience for others.

Book formats

We are happy to receive review copies in either eBook (any file type, although mobi is preferred) or hard-copy format. We are currently based in Australia. So please keep this mind when sending review copies.

Book length

Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality! We are happy to receive review requests for novellas and short stories too.

Accepted Genres

(Young Adult, New Adult and Adult)

  • Urban Fantasy Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fantasy Romance
  • Dystopian / Apocalyptic World Romance
  • Science Fiction Romance
  • Supernatural Mystery Romance

Book series

If your book is part of a series that has not already been reviewed by this blog, please provide the first book for reference. Ideally, The Urban Book Thief would prefer to read a series in order so that our reviews follow a more natural and organic progression.

Rating System

The rating system for this blog is the ‘Kiss Factor’ and runs from one to five. There is a DNF rating for books that we do not finish – book reviews with this rating will still be posted online. Plus, there is also a special rating for books that we really, really enjoy – the heart resuscitator!

heart resusitator Bury me with this book when I die.

kkkkk I will keep this book on my shelves forever.

kkkk Brilliant – give me more now goddammit!

kkk Good book. Might see if the author has written anything else…

kk Okay for a rainy day. Doubt I’ll reread though.

k And… I will never get that time back. Ever.



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