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There are simply thousands of fantasy, paranormal and urban fantasy book series out on the market at the moment. But with so many to choose from – how can we tell which ones are the best? Which ones deserve our loving attention? Check out some of my favourite book series below and I’ll update this list periodically with anything that catches my eye. Plus! Don’t forget to comment below if you think I’m missing anyone vital!

Dark magic seriesDark Magick Series by Anya Bast

Forget the fairies at the bottom of the garden, these Fae can kick serious ass. Fresh, exciting and full of adventure, I cannot recommend this series enough. Each of the four books features a different Fae couple who join together in order to save their home  – and make some sweet, sweet Fae magic of their own. I cannot believe why this series hasn’t taken off like some of the other Fae books around. The romance is hot and the world building is hotter. With a great balance of action in and out of bedroom, this series takes place in modern day America where the Fae have been outed to the general public. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down all that well and they have been consigned to Pifferburg – a prison of sorts. Unable to leave, they have divided their territory up between themselves – Dark Fae, Light Fae, Goblins, Nymphs etc. The overarching plot line deals with the Fae’s fight to rejoin the world in peace and leave Pifferburg. It’s awesome – so don’t miss out!


Tempted.inddEternal Guardians Series by Elisabeth Naughton

Where ancient Greek hotties meet their perfect match as they war against their enemies. This series follows a group of immortal warriors called the Argonauts who are descendants of Greece’s favourite heroes such as Achilles and Hercules. Each warrior is born with a special power that reflects the heroism of their ancient ancestor but alas! they are all under the power of a soul mate curse, which means that ‘the one’ is the absolute worst possible match for them. Hilarity ensues. No, not really… The Argonauts spend their time living in a  in a different realm from humans, busy fighting daemeons and making their world and ours a safer place. Growing in popularity, this series has gone from strength to strength as Naughton has become more confident with her characters – a word of warning though, the first couple of books aren’t quite as well written the later ones. The steamy bits are pretty well written, though steers clear of erotica. Readers should expect good things in the future from this author.


Fantasyland SeriesFantasyland Series by Kristen Ashley

Where feisty females take on their fantasy men in a parallel universe. Probably a surprising entry in this series list for many people. The idea behind the Fantasyland series is that everyone has a doppelgänger or a twin living on a parallel universe. The real trouble begins when witches get involved and start switching earth women around with their doppelgängers, whisking them away into the laps of some pretty drool worthy men. And boy! does this writer know how to write a hero! They are all alpha to the core and worthy of some serious adoration. The world building isn’t too bad considering this is more of a romance series than fantasy. The author usually writes contemporary romance, but there is something so explicit and delicious about KA and her characters that many of her readers don’t care what genre she writes in – as long as she just writes! But – a word of warning that book two is not for the fainthearted, think Khal and Khalessi from Game of Thrones. Grrrr in the romance stakes, but one large epic fail for women’s lib…


Dark FeverFever Series by Karen Marie Moning

All American girly girl goes Back to Black in Fae revenge tale. The Fever series takes place in modern day Dublin with a large cast of characters predominantly based on British and Irish folklore. Once you’ve read the first two novels this series gets seriously addictive like crack. The story begins when MacKayla Lane travels to Ireland after the grizzly murder of her beloved sister. Armed with nothing but a cryptic phone message and a rainbow coloured skirt, this plucky young lady decides to investigate the murder with the help of the mysterious and very hot Jerrico Barrons. Chaos erupts as nasty, squelchy unseelie (bad fae) come out of the woodwork and Mac along with her sidhe-seer buddies try and take them all out. Simply put, I love this series. It has it all: intricate world building, fleshed out characters, romance, violence – love it. Though! if you are not a fan of the inner monologue then you may want to give this a pass – MacKayla Lane is nothing if not completely self obsessed. But at the end of the day, who wouldn’t say no to a series that contains a sex by death fae? Not me.


3819326Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

Kick ass vampire hunter bags herself a sexy angel army. This author is so talented she just cant settle for one amazing series, but has to have two! Elena Deveraux is a Guild Hunter, part of an organisation that bags and tags naughty vampires who run away from their masters. Set in an urban fantasy landscape, Archangels rule the world and humans can apply to be made to into vampires by their heavenly overlords – in return for a 100 years servitude. At start of the series, Elena is the best hunter in the Guild and is recruited by Raphael the Archangel of New York to bag and tag something a little more scarier than a vampire. The attraction between the couple is instantaneous. But the angels of Singh’s novels aren’t all halos and hymns. Nu-ah. They are violent, overbearing and rule their territories with an iron fist. Ancient creatures, they have been around for so long that they struggle with human emotions. Cold and ultra alpha Raphael mixed with a warm and courageous Elena makes for an entertaining and unmissable series. The Guild Hunter series is some of urban fantasy at its best.


15808652Kate Daniels by IIona Andrews

Sword carrying female bad-ass raises apocalyptic hell – with lions. If I could only read one urban fantasy series this would be it. It’s very light on the romance and ‘behind the scenes action’, maybe because it’s been written by a husband and wife team? But when it happens – oh baby it’s on! Set in an apocalyptical world, technology and magic battle it out for supremacy. When magic is up, characters hitch up their wagons and pitchforks, but when magic is down, it’s time to get out the big guns. The world building is hands down awesome. Kate Daniels is our main gal throughout the series and she is sarcastic, volatile, doesn’t take crap from anyone and wields a sword that she calls ‘Slayer’. My hero. Her blood contains magic and she’s spent most of her life hiding from the world and learning to become a trained killer. Kate also encounters necromancers who control vampires, a paramilitary clan of shifters led by Curran (yum!) lion shifter and Beast Lord, witches and gods. Book 1 has potential, book 2 more so, but book 3 is where it really heats up for a lot of readers.


Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost1421990

Snarky half-vampette finds out what goes ‘bump’ in the night. The Night Huntress series is a paranormal guilty pleasure – full of heat, sex, action and more errr… more heat. In the first book the action is very much a secondary plot line in relation as to what’s cookin’ between the sheets. The main protagonist of the series is Catherine Crawfield who is half vampire and on a mission locate her vampire Dad and kick his undead ass for stepping out on her human Mother. Along the way, she is caught and bound by a very charming and very sexy vampire called Bones, rebel, vampire bounty hunter, complete with English accent and dyed blonde hair (shades of Spike anyone?). As we delve deeper into the series, the action becomes a little more meaningful and the world building starts to become a little more solid – almost to the point where kicking ass supersedes any bedroom action. Cat and Bones has a pretty large fan-girl following so remember to say only good things about the series on Goodreads…

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The Mane EventPride Series by Shelly Laurenston

Incredibly funny and at times darn right silly. This shifter series focuses on the lives and loves of various couples and their packs living in modern day NYC. With 8 books in the series to date, there seems to be no stopping Ms. Laurenston and her wildly popular Pride series. Species includes wolves, cats, bears, tigers plus an honorable mention goes out to the wild dog pack which can only be described as certifiably insane… Unlike a lot of shifter books, the characters really take on the essence of their animal – dogs who chase their tales, bears who play with their feet and lions that rely on their lady-folk to feed them. Plot lines are simple and easy to follow (usually the character’s crazy shenanigans end up involving the cops), plus there’s always copious amounts of witty banter, some drag racing, indiscriminate fight scenes (no one is safe), potential tree hiding from fellow predators and lots of bedroom action. Just don’t take the series too serious though, this is purely for fun.


178476Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

Singh has created a world that is simply pure magic. This series has had a hard-core fan base since its 2006 inception, starting out heavy on the romance and then beautifully evolving into something far edgier and mysterious. The Psy-Changeling series is set in the not too distant future where the world has split into three factions of people – Changeling, Psy and Human. Changelings are animal shifters, the Psy are emotionless people with scary mind powers who pretty much rule the world and humans are milling around and generally used as cannon fodder (though is the hero in one of the books). The series is rooted in traditional concepts of family, the social circle, good overcoming bad, true love conquers all etc. etc. One thing I love is that Singh has fleshed out a nicely rounded cast where being intelligent is foxy, maternal characters are kick ass too and female soldiers stand counterpart to men. And the men…somebody grab me a cold bucket! The men of Singh’s world are strong, intelligent and handsome as sin, constantly on the prowl for their one true wuv. Squeee!


Queen of Song and SoulsTairen Soul Series by C.L. Wilson

A fantasy epic completely out of this world. The five books in this compelling series follows Ellie and Rain, the poor village girl and the shape shifting Fey King. Truemates, their paths would never have crossed without the crazy pull they feel towards one another. If there was a romance version of Lord of the Rings – this would be it. I ADORE this series. Infact, whenever I remember it exists I feel I have to instantly read it again (which is no easy feat as these books are looong). The writing is beautiful and the romance is slow building, but when they get there it explodes! Over the course of the series we see death, war, love, betrayals, chaos and the beauty of true friendship. It will make you laugh, make you cry and scream in fury at times, but I promise you it is worth it because the last book in the series is humungously awesome. The world building is sensational and the fantasy dilutable for those who can’t deal with super high fantasy. Rain is number one on my book boyfriend list. Forever.


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