Time Rider by Mallory Kane

Genre Time Travel Romance  Published 1 June 2013 Series Rise of the Skipworths book one

Time RiderHe came from the future to kill her but could he resist her healing touch?

Kristen Skipworth, a physician with an extraordinary empathic ability and a tendency to take in strays, knows her fair share of pain. Struggling to overcome the anguish of losing her twin in a freak accident, Kristen is bombarded with emotions and thoughts as strong as her own. As she struggles to identify the source of these feelings, she stumbles upon a battered, seemingly psychotic man, whose pain has almost undone her.

Helping this stray plunges her into dangers she never imagined possible. Every moment draws Kristen and Rider closer, as Kristen starts to feel things she has sworn to never feel again. Will taking in this stray be the death of her? Or will Kristen find a reluctant protector in her psychotic patient?

The Urban Book Thief Review

urban book thiefHave you ever watched the Terminator films and thought, gee – what if Arnie was played by a slightly feral and tortured hottie who actually got with Sarah Connor? Yes?!? Then welcome to Time Rider!

He slowly raised his gaze to hers, using all his strength to dredge up enough hatred and anger to make his voice quietly menacing as he squeezed her fingers. “How do you do, Kristen Skipworth. I’ve been sent from the future to kill you.”




Rider Savage (I wonder if all kids in the future have such kick ass names?) is a trained killer with some serious manic tendencies after being subjected to all kinds of nasty torture during his lengthly stay with the government. This conditioning helped Rider to train for his mission – killing Dr Kristen Skipworth, a woman who five centuries earlier gave birth to a progeny of mind reading empathics called Deviants. Public enemy number one, these people have formed an underground organisation, calling themselves skipworths.

Rider’s mind has been all but pretty much stripped of his past life. Yet through the haze he can recall only a couple of clear things – Kristen’s offspring killed his wife, he’s a super badd ass TAINCC from the future, the lovely lady had better run cause he is seriously armed (in more ways than one…) plus he hates kitty kats (sob!).

It soon becomes clear that his TAINCC conditioning has not entirely worked. Rider starts to remember things about his life, his work and his wife… and his reasons for undertaking this crazy one way trip mission to the past. Then before he can say howsyourfather, another TAINCC hits the scene (Terminator 2 yo), and he goes on the lam with Kristen as they try to outrun a man with a gun which can shoot green lasers – sweet holy mother!



Kristen is a Doctor working in a clinic. She enjoys romping around with her kitty cat and likes to help the occasional stray person who comes across her path. She’s a helper and a giver, with Mary Sue-like tendencies, but we can forgive her because near the end of the book she gives Rider the finger and departs on her own mission dressed in a Save the Whale Song t-shirt and some serious baggy man shorts (she’s on the run you know!).

Things haven’t always been that great for the fair doctor, her parents died in a plane accident when she was a child and her twin brother Skipper also lost his life not all that long ago. Reluctant to accept the loss of her crazy conspiracy theorist twin, Kristen hasn’t yet sat her self down and had a darn good cry over the whole thing. Luckily, Rider is there to act as her hanky.

Kristen also has this crazy ability to feel what others are feeling. She doesn’t understand it, but from what her twin could summarize in his experiments, Kristen is a special flower and no one else in the entire universe has the same DNA structure as her. Unfortunately, this is probably going to get her killed…

I enjoyed this book for what it was – a seriously sexy romance with a slice of Sci-Fi on the side. This is the kind of story where even though the characters are running away from the big bad, they still find time to have some nookie – or two. We didn’t go into too much depth with the science of time travel (well, neither did Looper I suppose…), and the action was short and snappy when it occurred. But it was a good read and exactly what I wanted at the time, though the inner character monologue was rather looooong at times. Mallory Kane writes a sweet romantic hero underneath the bluster and if you want an easy, romantic (but oh so sexy) read then go for it!

fourThe Urban Book Thief has awarded Time Rider a kiss factor rating of four – Beam me up Scottie!


Mallory Kane

Mallory KaneMallory Kane has two very good reasons for loving reading and writing. Her mother was a librarian, who taught her to love and respect books. Her father could hold listeners spellbound for hours with his stories. He was always her biggest fan.

With more than 30 Harlequin Intrigues published, as well as several paranormal romantic suspense and numerous short stories, Mallory is still amazed and thrilled that she actually gets to make up stories for a living.

Mallory lives in Tennessee with her computer-genius husband and their three exceptionally intelligent cats.

She enjoys hearing from her readers. You can write her at mallory@mallorykane.com or via Harlequin.

You can purchase Time Rider on Amazon.

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