New book series announced for authors Ilona Andrews

I’m so excited I had to jump on here and share! Publisher Weekly have reported that there is a new book series in the works for Ilona Andrews, the awesome husband and wife team behind the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series.

Ilona Andrews and Andrew Gordon have signed two deals, with different houses… (blah de blah de blah) … Yost sold world rights for the first three books in a new series to Erika Tsang at Avon. Yost said the Avon series would be set in a world controlled by modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.



Hot-footing it to the author’s website, I found the following about how the idea for their new series came about:

Part of it came from Silver Shark universe with its families with supernatural powers and parts of it was borrowed from Of Swine and Roses.  Part of it was definitely urban fantasy detective agency.  Parts of it came from our experiences as a military family.  It kind of cooked itself into a cohesive world very much like ours, an alternate reality with magic and super-powerful families who own corporations. We had the hero, we had the heroine.  Still something was missing.  I ran it by a friend and she said, “Why don’t you give the heroine a family?  You did it in Bayou Moon.”  Boom, missing ingredient   The story snapped together after that.

Magic Bites

If Edge was a Twinkie, this new thing is a Hoho.  It’s rich and over the top.  Wizard millionaires, a biker pyrokinetic, a heroine whose grandmother used to work on tanks and can build a weapon out of a pen and some bubblegum and so on.

There was a strong romance story, but it wasn’t a neat one.  It wasn’t really a UF, more of a PNR, but a PNR with that mix of funny and scary we do in Kate Daniels universe.  Basically, we somehow managed to make Joseph’s coat of many colors.  It’s just pure fun with no brakes. If you asked me to market it, I probably couldn’t tell you how. I told Gordon that nobody would buy it in a million years.

There is going to be a biker pyrokinetic – eeeeeeeek!!!

To see the blog post for yourself click here. I’m so excited I can barely sit still. Goddamn. I feel a yearning to get out Magic Bites and demolish it in one sitting while stuffing my mouth full of malteasers wearing a snuggie in front of the fireplace.

Yup. Think I’ll go and do that now…