Audio books that make you blush…

If I’m being honest, I have never really had that much time for audio books. I find them slow and boring, even when listening to a story that I simply love. The sound of a stranger’s voice interferes with what is happening in my head, re-shaping the way I imagine my characters. I mean, it’s completely understandable how hard voice actors must find it to pull off smexy. Particularly as most of the books that I read feature a hot kick ass protagonist and in my head no middle aged American man can really pull that off. Until now.

Since I watched this I have been squeeeing all over the darn place. It’s not for the faint hearted – I had to press stop after the first thirty seconds to control the embarrassment that swept over me. Even though I was sat in my apartment alone during the middle of the day (yes, it was daylight and my house smelled of furniture polish for the first time in a month). This didn’t stop me from turning down the sound on my laptop in case the neighbors were listening at my door and squeezing my eyes tightly shut.

The below video contains a snippet from J.R. Ward’s Lover Unbound (from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series), featuring tortured immortal Vishous and his sweet doctor lady love Jane.

Watch it and weep.


Nooooow… Amazon have been running a promotion for a while where you can get two free audio books when you sign up with Audible. After a 30 day free trial, the freebies stop and they start charging $$$. Now – I don’t think that I can really call myself a true book blogger unless I’ve had a stab at reviewing an audio book. What a hardship! So I’ve made a decision to sign up and order myself this book. But, I’m not quite sure what other book I should order, if you have any recommendations let me know below. In the mean time I need to try and refrain from playing that video again… and again.



Upcoming book reviews

Exciting news from The Urban Book Thief! Books are piled high on our desk and we’re ready to rock and review (devils horns – hell yeah!). Below is a snapshot of some of the magic that will be coming your way over the next couple of weeks or so. Hold on to your panties – woop!

Bitten by Deceit by Shawntelle MadisonInfluential Magic (Crescent City Fae: Book 1) Deanna ChaseFish out of WaterHalfway to the GraveSlave to SensationAngels BloodMagic Bites

Book review rating system

After much deliberation and conducting numerous research focus groups, I have finally decided on a rating system for all book reviews. Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please. May I present to you…

The Kiss Factor

The Kiss Factor (not to be confused with the X-Factor or any other affiliated products) will run from one to five. There is a DNF rating for books that we do not finish. Book reviews with this rating will still be posted online – though they will be kept fairly short and snappy, unless there is lots to poke fun at them about.

Plus! The Urban Book Thief will also have a special rating for books and series that we really, really like/adore/fantasize about/can’t live without:

The Heart Resuscitator

heart resusitator

The Heart resuscitator will be used sparingly for those books which are truly spectacular. This may be quite hard for me at first as I have a habit of getting very excited and giving all of my reviews 5 stars (ahem Goodreads).

The Kiss Factor Rating System

heart resusitatorBury me with this book when I die.

Kiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorWill keep this book on my shelves forever.

Kiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorBrilliant – give me more now!

Kiss FactorKiss FactorKiss FactorGood book. Doubt I’ll reread though.

Kiss FactorKiss FactorOkay for a rainy day.

Kiss Factor And… I will never get that time back. Ever.