THE REVIEW: Night Hawk by J.E. Taylor

Night Hawk

Genre Paranormal Romance  Published 25 April 2013  Publisher All Night Reads

Selling your soul has never been so charming and Mark throws in a little something to sweeten the pot, his girlfriend Naomi.

Sentenced to death at the hands of a demon, Naomi Hawk has a firsthand lesson in despair and betrayal in Mark’s deal for fame with all the trimmings. Deep in the clutches of the underground brotherhood, Naomi’s light is coveted for the Master’s gain.

When she slips and falls eighty stories from a precarious ledge, Naomi resigns herself to the inevitable impact and death by shattered bones.

Before she can escape her demons in eternal slumber, something sinister plucks her from the plummet, stealing her out of the night to sacrifice her forever to the shadows.

Imprisoned in bottomless darkness, Naomi thirsts for justice…and revenge.

The Urban Book Thief Review

urban book thief

If you like vampires, indie authors, alternate POV chapters, purple prose, fated lovers, cheesy villains and short chapters: then this is the story for you.

So if you do like your narrative shaded with a purple paintbrush then expect the usual romantic declarations of intent, swooning, salacious glances and illicit shoulder brushing – and that’s just from Damian the hero! The sexual tension is turned sky high throughout, to the extent that it supersedes much of the overall plot line and becomes the errr… plot. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there isn’t much of one to write home about…



The author drops us instantly into the thick of things. Naomi Hawk’s scum of the earth boyfriend has landed her in somewhat of a pickle, and at the end of a date she finds herself on the business end of a knife brandishing demon. Not only this, but just before he can finish her off, a dark eyed vampire jerk swoops in and abducts her. Unfortunately, he wants to kill her too. A red letter day this is not. Luckily or well… unluckily… this is the bitch who bites back. I guess no one told her that humans shouldn’t bite vampires. Yes, she is kick-ass with a capital B for metaphorically flipping the Bird at all the scum who want to kill her. This girl is head strong and dare i say it (stupid) and things don’t end up working all that well for her and she becomes a vampire.


The dark eyed vamp is Damian, who becomes instantly smitten with the fearless young lady.

“No one has ever bitten me before,” he said.

I crossed my arms and studied him. “Sucks, doesn’t it,” I said. I couldn’t help it, the disbelief in his face made me want to laugh but I kept a check on my chuckle.

He blinked and then the smile that spread over his lips sent a shiver through me. Laughter followed, rich and full and as hypnotizing as his smile.

“Yes. It does,” he finally said and wiped at his neck again.



Damian looks like he is barely out of teens. Made a vampire against his will, he is hosting a one man revenge party to get back at Lucifer (yes that Lucifer) for destroying his life and loved ones two thousand years ago. You could say that he’s been doing this for some time, so when Naomi lands in his lap he is very impressed with what he finds.  Her transition to vampire took minutes rather than usual hours. Why? Because she is a child of light, which makes her exceptionally strong and powerful and most of all – wanted by Lucifer.

Naomi starts the story as a volatile newborn, crying and craving blood one minute then trying to hump the sofa like an over excited puppy the next. She’s also a virgin and likes to treat her hooha like it’s some blessed prize for only the most fabulous of heroes. Fortunately, Damian is rather fabulous. He even has a set of mighty wings, yes – the character actually called them his mighty wings.

For Damian the attraction is immediate and intense. He’s flirtatious, he’s fun, he has an overactive libido – he’s also Greek. Yum. He can also read Naomi’s mind which is always a good thing to have around when you’re doing the dirty – meow. He’s also not afraid to show his emotions.

“I have waited my entire life for you,” he said and the tear that slipped from the corner of his eye cut me deeper than I could imagine. He tried to smile, but it didn’t quite form and he dropped his head to my shoulder, cursing under his breath at the emotional display.

His reaction brought a smile to my face and I wondered why I wasn’t a mess like he was. Maybe two thousand years alone had prompted this. I planted a kiss on his temple and he squeezed me closer in response.

This story is very old-skool. It is first and foremost a romance, the action is a slightly neglected secondary character. If you aren’t fussed on some of the smaller details of storytelling then you will enjoy this book – if you like the meaty stuff, then I would advise to avoid this story at all costs. A third of the way through the book we discover that a character is a shape shifter – we are not introduced to this fact until it happens for the first time. I had to read the same page three times before I realised what was going on. And the thing is – no one was even all that shocked. WTF?!? I would have lost my shit if I turned into an animal during a normal bout of fisticuffs. Could the character always do that? I don’t know… argh!!!!

For me, this was a vampire revenge tale gone bad. This book had so much promise and ultimately failed to deliver. I enjoyed the writing – very much so. I would also read anything else by this author in the future. But it had none of the details synonymous with some of the more experienced writers in the genre. It also left so many vital questions unanswered. Did anyone notice that Naomi had been abducted? What did Naomi do for a living before becoming a vampire? How come she knows so much about guns? Where are her family? Where are her friends? Why is she so snarky? How do you angel or demon proof a property? So many questions – and no real answers to any of them. I did manage to use my powers of deduction to work out that she was 20 years old though. BOOM!

The Urban Book Thief has awarded Night Hawk a kiss factor rating of three – could have been better!



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