Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

Genre Paranormal Romance Published 4 June 2013  Publisher Berkley Sensation Series Psy-Changeling book twelve

Heart of ObsidianStep into New York Times bestseller Nalini Singh’s explosive and shockingly passionate Psy-Changeling world…

A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.
A woman whose very existence has been erased.
A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.
A deadly price that must be paid.
The day of reckoning is here.

From “the alpha author of paranormal romance” (Booklist) comes the most highly anticipated novel of her career—one that blurs the line between madness and genius, between subjugation and liberation, between the living and the dead.

The Urban Book Thief Review

urban book thief

Quickly now! Stock up on huge quantities of chocolate*, hide your iPhone in the washing machine, banish your pets to the garden and tell everyone they can cook their own blimin’ dinner**

*chocolate is optional… actually, no it isn’t – it is definitely needed. **I hardly ever cook dinner, but I have been told that some people do this every day!?! But again, this is also optional.

Stop the press!

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh is OUT and it is fab-u-lous.

Never has a book been so anticipated in the Psy-Changeling series. Never has there been so much SPECULATION over a character who barely says a friggin’ word.

Who is the ghost?

Who is the lovely lady protagonist?

All will be revealed – oh yes (at about 70% of the way in…). Ms. Singh certainly knows how to drag out a good thing. I don’t want to spoil the big surprise for everyone who hasn’t read Heart of Obsidian yet. So once we get to the BOOM! CATS! picture – stop reading and don’t scroll down anymore!!!



First things first, this is Kaleb’s story. We know a lot of things about him from the previous books and unfortunately, none of it has been good so far. Yes – lock your daughters away. This is one bad MOFO.  A Psy Councillor, he led a ruthless pursuit to become one of the ‘suits’ in charge of the Psy race. Not only that, but he is directing the deadly Arrows, a Psy army of ‘others’ too dangerous and violent to belong to normal society. Sadly though, we also learn more about Enrique, the evil man who brought him up from age five. Plus his part in the torture and murder of Changeling women from earlier on in the series.

Interestingly, Kaleb is also a self professed virgin… now, now ladies and gents, settle down!

To sum it up, Mr Squeaky Clean is smart, is good at hiding violent tendencies behind a dapper suit, is also handy in the political ring, can teleport, is a telekinetic and can make himself a cuppa without having to lift a hand (woo!) and has a major jones for a lovely lady he lost seven years ago.

He is also a dual cardinal – something meant to be impossible.

The female character in Heart of Obsidian has been speculated about almost as much as the ghost. Her story is heartbreaking – truly heartbreaking. Nalini Singh (damn her), also keeps her memories locked up until pretty much the end of the story, so we don’t understand the entirety of her relationship with Kaleb until the bitter end.

We spend the first half of the book anticipating the big secret – why oh why is Kaleb so hung up on this woman. And when we find out – Jesus Christ on a bike – it blew me away.

“No. You don’t want to see inside my mind.” It was a warning. “The rumor in the Net is that I can drive people insane.”

No terror, no fear, just unwavering attention that said she heard far more than he said. “Can you?”

“Yes.” He wanted to ask her what she saw when she looked at him, whether the nightmare was apparent to those midnight eyes. “Until they see phantoms and hear terrible voices, until they can no longer exist in the rational world and become broken facsimiles of who they once were.”


“Because I can.”

Kaleb built a connection with both the NetMind and DarkMind in his youth, and for a long time now, they have been his only friends. But the PsyNet is currently being dealt some huge blows: parts of it has disappeared and mental viruses are steadily infecting Psy minds – sending them raving mad. On top of this, psychic surges are killing thousands all over the world where the PsyNet has simply collapsed. Though it’s not long before we learn that Pure Psy are behind the violence and chaos. They want to eliminate humans, changelings and those fallen from Silence, no matter the collateral damage.

Luckily for us we have super awesome badd-ass Kaleb Krychek ready to don his cape and kick some Pure Psy butt. Kapow!

But is he a Superman or Darth Vadar in disguise…

Unfortunately for Changeling fans – their appearances are few and far between – this book is pure Psy (oh! I made a funny!)

So who is the ghost and the femme fantastique that we have all been waiting to find out about?

Cat boom




Kaleb is the ghost – duh! (I say duh! because I totally thought it would be Vasic)

Plus our lady in waiting is Sahara Kyriakus, of the PsyClan NightStar – BOOOOOM!



When I found out who she was, I shouted ‘yesssss!’ so loudly my startled kitties promptly hid their little back-sides under the sofa in mock horror. Oh beware kitties, this news was great!

Cousin to Faith NightStar, Sahara disappeared at the age of sixteen. Her family have never stopped looking for her and as it turns out – so has Kaleb. Held in isolated captivity for the last seven years, she can never be truly silent again. Sahara has been forced to work for an evil member of the Psy – stripped of her dignity, subjected to icy temperatures and forced to hide her mind away in an intricate labyrinth that she may never completely come out of.

She knew this wasn’t freedom, not when Kaleb stood by the nearest dune, silent and watchful, but to a girl who’d come to womanhood in a cage, it was enough for this sunshine-drenched instant. She would enjoy the beautiful now and worry about the future after drinking of happiness.

You see, Sahara holds the unusual Psy ability to see into the past, among other things…

Sahara Kyriakus held within her the potential to make a man into an emperor.

The horrifying thing is that Kaleb helped to put her in that prison and he has felt guilty about it all this time. Her mind is now so fragmented it doesn’t work the way it should. So with her psyche is in pieces, Kaleb sets out to help her find herself… and the moment in which he starts to restore her memory is soooo beautiful – I probably would have cried if I hadn’t been on the tram at the time. Darn public places!

He built her a house – just like in the Notebook! – sob! Kaleb also hides Sahara from the PsyNet with an obsidian shield so that no one can see that she is flawed. But you have to remember that this man is Silent. Physical affection causes extreme pain. So in the book, when he gets a nose bleed from just a simple hug, I started to worry about what kind of romantic future could be possible between them?

He was the most powerful Psy in the Net, of that he had no doubt, his psychic strength enough to destroy the very fabric of their race—or to control it. As to which he chose to do . . . it depended on her.

If she demanded vengeance, he’d turn the world blood red.

I shouldn’t have doubted – not even a little bit. Kaleb Krychek rocked my world. So much so – I want to read it all over again right now.

fiveThe Urban Book Thief has awarded Heart of Obsidian a kiss factor rating of five – there are no words: tis’ perfect.



4 thoughts on “Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

  1. OMG!!! Okay so I already knew about Sahara, but I had no idea that Kaleb was the Ghost. I don’t mind spoilers though – which is why I didn’t stop reading despite the warning. But, OMG! Kaleb sounds so bad-ass, I can’t wait until my book arrives in the mail.

    Soon, Kaleb, soon…

    • He is totally bad-ass. He is so bad-ass that I gave him my hat and he ate it. I hope Nalini doesn’t let him disappear back into the shadows after this book – what a waste of an awesome character it would be x

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