Lightning Rider Launch Party Tonight – ahoy!

Friday is shaping up to be so fantastic I had to share my joy with you!

Not only is it payday (aye!), but I have already gone out and spent a huge chunk of it on a new pair of knee high burgundy boots. They are the shit. I feel like I’m on a permanent catwalk. And I strut.

I digress.

What I really wanted to share (apart from the zombie themed dinner party I’m going to tonight (squeee!) is that:

Fame and fortune will be mine. Mu-ha-ha!

Not really…

A quote taken from my book review of Lightning Rider is being used across Jen Greyson’s marketing campaign

Ain’t that swell! This is soooo exciting! It feels strange to see my Urban Book Thief alias up there in big lights throughout cyberspace. Sorry Kresley Cole, but Jen is now officially my favourite author ever.

For those who haven’t heard of Jen Greyson – please do check her out! Particularly if you are an urban fantasy romance fan. This is her first book and she is going to be doing so many awesome things in the future – so support her if you can.

Plus – fabulous Jen will be streaming the launch party of her book LIVE for all us lovely peoples who don’t have the fortune to be living in Utah.

The party runs from 7.00 – 8.30 MT with a reading and Q&A starting from 7.30pm. You can enter the party here

Plus! As thank you, everyone who drops into the party will be entered in a draw for a $200 Amazon gift card – hoorah! Plus! Plus! Anyone who asks a question online will be entered into a special “virtual” door prize.

Be there or be square…


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