You’re my dirty little secret…

ShhWhen I tell people that I blog in my spare time it usually generates one of three responses:

  1. That’s sooooo coooool!
  2. Where did you find the time to write, work full-time and look so fab-u-lous?
  3. How much free stuff do you get?

The answers are – cheers darling, pharmaceutical drugs and hell no. Then, when said person asks me what I blog about, I might accidentally on purpose…

sugar coat the truth.

Why you ask – why should I have to hide who I am?


First. I studied journalism at uni and quite a few of my friends ended up working for The Times and The Guardian and other noteworthy institutions.

And I don’t want them to laugh at me.

Second. No one else in my family reads anything other than what their friends write on Facebook. Even my parents. I am already the black sheep and this would undoubtedly prove it.


Third. I have been running this blog for 7 weeks and it is only now that I think maybe I should tell my husband what it’s about. I have been ducking, diving and dodging all manner of questions about it. The poor thing hasn’t even seen the landing page… and I do have my reasons. This is the same hubbie who doesn’t want to buy a TV for our new apartment (thank god for streaming cause Australian TV programming is shite), because it is distracting and shows American programmes of ill repute (yay!). This is also the same hubbie who only reads books by old dead men such as Satre and Descartes and has a tat on his back that says – cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) and will wax lyrical about it – in detail. Including where he got it from (after a drunken gap-year rampage in LA). This is also the same person who doesn’t like Doctor Who. ‘nuff said.

No he’s not 20 years older than me, he is actually 27 – going on 50…

Fourth. It’s not cool. No matter how successful paranormal romance book series are or how many Twilight movies they make (which for the record – I hate with every fibre of my soul). My obsession is not fit for public consumption. I know for a fact that to state my love to my work colleagues (I work for an international feminist organisation) would involve an awful lot of lip pursing and eye avoidance. It is not an obsession that most people can get along with. Or maybe I am just hanging out with the wrong peoples…

Fifth. Kudos. This is probably not something I will shout about on my CV either.

So you can see why I’m a little bit reluctant. Right?

So why do I do it?

Because I am having so much darn fun! I get the chance to meet so many great people – people who I would otherwise never have the chance to talk to. People from all over the world. But most importantly, people who love the same things I do and don’t care whether I am cool in real life or not (just to make it clear though – I am very cool in real life).

So let me shout it out to the world in the style of Leo a la Titanic:

“I am a paranormal romance blogger: and proud of it!”


See – I even made a badge to proclaim my newly awakened status and everything.

– and this weekend, I am telling my husband everything. Promise x


9 thoughts on “You’re my dirty little secret…

  1. This made me laugh a lot. I have a husband who reads books by dead men such as Steinbeck and Hardy and Russian novelists whose names I can’t even spell. They nearly always end up with an unhappy ending, like a death a suicide or an unrequited love, themes which he tells me are a sign of a great book. His current read is Moby Dick. He does like Jane Austin too so there is some hope as at least there is a romance in there. He will also read contemporary novelists who win the such and such book award, who I am sure write great literary books, but which do little to light my fire for escapism, hot male bodies, outlandish plots and interesting heroines. Anything with Fantasy or paranormal in he just does not understand the attraction of and he has an aversion to e-books, which I have told him restricts what he can read. Oh and he refuses to believe in fairies or Dragons. They say opposites attract….

    • That’s hilarious – your husband reads Jane Austen?!? Bravo! That is fabulous. Me and mine are very much the same when it comes to romance and fantasy… Though last night when I spoke to him about it all he asked if I could recommend a steampunk book! But not a romance. Well, one thing at a time I think…

      • The only book we both read and enjoyed is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, although I thought that it was too sad and I got frustrated with the actions of the hero. At least your husband is prepared to give Sreampunk a try. Bravo!

  2. This cracked me up…trust me, you are not alone! Only a handful of my family and friends are even aware that I have written a book, much less a Paranormal Romance. Ironically, my reasons are almost identical to yours! Although, I have to admit, my reading preferences were much closer to your husband’s until a few years ago…Herman Hesse, Nietzsche, Austen, Bronte, yada yada. I used to love books that made me think, now I just love the escape (and hot monkey sex, of course).

    • Oh my lordy – you have written a book and not told everyone you know! My dear, I hand my hat of shame over to you 😉 I’m the same with my reading as well. I used to be a huge 19th century literature reader, but the urge to pick one up now is superseded by my need to read about hot monkey sex too- of which sadly, Austen is not partial to.

  3. I understand the sentiment. I’m fine with saying that I’m a blogger, and some of my friends are also into the fantasy genre that I love so much. However, I’ve been so used to hanging around people who primarily read literary works that I don’t really like to talk about the books that I read. And some of the content can be awkward to talk about 🙂

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