Night Hawk by J.E. Taylor

Night Hawk

Here’s a little paranormal romance to help you spice up your weekend from American indie author J.E. Taylor. Enjoy 🙂

Selling your soul has never been so charming and Mark throws in a little something to sweeten the pot, his girlfriend Naomi.

Sentenced to death at the hands of a demon, Naomi Hawk has a firsthand lesson in despair and betrayal in Mark’s deal for fame with all the trimmings. Deep in the clutches of the underground brotherhood, Naomi’s light is coveted for the Master’s gain.

When she slips and falls eighty stories from a precarious ledge, Naomi resigns herself to the inevitable impact and death by shattered bones.

Before she can escape her demons in eternal slumber, something sinister plucks her from the plummet, stealing her out of the night to sacrifice her forever to the shadows.


If you like vampires, indie authors, alternate POV chapters, purple prose, fated lovers, cheesy villains and short chapters: then this is the story for you.

So if you do like your narrative shaded with a purple paintbrush then expect the usual romantic declarations of intent, swooning, salacious glances and illicit shoulder brushing – and that’s just from Damian the hero. The sexual tension is turned sky high throughout, to the extent that it supersedes much of the overall plot line and becomes the errr… plot. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there isn’t much of one to write home about…

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