Fish out of water by Ros Baxter

We’re half way through the week and I have a fishtastic fantasy romance book review for you!

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum meets Splash in a sexy, smart-talking debut about a mermaid in a desert, a city under water, and the secret that no one is supposed to uncover.

Fish out of WaterThe Urban Book Thief review

Let’s face it. It’s hard to make a merman sexy. Mermaids – yes, we get it. The hair and the tail, with the singing and the pearly bra. Swoon-ilicious. But Ros Baxter takes it to the next level of underwater sexiness in her Aegiran world of smooth talking dolphins, blood curses and a doomed Atlantis-like kingdom. It probably helps that the mermaids in this book don’t have tails, otherwise you start thinking about their anatomy and where they stick stuff and where they hide stuff and your head explodes. Booom!

Enter Rania Aqualina. She has sass, she has attitude and (almost predictably) she’s a cop. Rania is also a nicotine patch wearing, hip flask drinking, daughter of a runaway mermaid. At age sixteen, a mermaid seer predicted that she would die at the age of the thirty unless she saves the world from some unknown threat. But now it’s only three weeks away and time is ticking… But Rania doesn’t seem to be too overly upset or hysterical about this as many people, or indeed I, would. Little Miss Calm and Collected is too busy investigating the death of a mermaid who died on her turf, while singing a mean karaoke at her local and trying not to be too impressed by two really hot guys.

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